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Monthly Fees

Applications Area

BoatLoc8 is perfect for a wide range of applications where a regular update is required, reporting just twice daily, giving the client the choice to increase the frequency of updates, without paying expensive monthly fees for data that is not needed. BoatLoc8 provides accurate battery voltage, odomoter and engine hours, but also provides full alarming for shore power disconnect, bilge alarms and marina departure/arrival avoiding costly damage and allowing clients the peace of mind that Quiktrak is famous for.


Boat Owners

Know when your vessel is used, and manage shore power disconnection, bilge alarms and intrusion alarms.

Yacht Charter Companies

Realtime battery voltage and engine hours updates ensure engine servicing schedules are met, and know exactly where the vessel is at any time.

Insurance Companies

Building a client profile enables insurance companies to provide more competitive packages for their clients.

Help With Saving Costs


Improve servicing intervals and accuracy


Reduce operating or recovery costs


No monthly fees whilst receiving locational and usage informations


Low cost live tracking options


Shore power disconnect and Bilge alarms

Feature packed APP

Mobile App

Keep track and secure your asset on the go by downloading our Apple and Android applications today, or access from your PC or tablet through our website

BoatLoc8 Features

  • Industrial class components with high quality,
  • Emergency response centre access,
  • Online support - via ticketing system,
  • Real-time tracking ,
  • External relay control for ignition immobilisation.
  • Alarms for shore power disconnect and bilge alarms,
  • Vessel battery voltage monitoring,
  • Fuel consumption statistic,
  • Skipper behaviour monitoring.
  • Data reporting according to time interval, distance and heading change,
  • Up to 24,000 GPS data storage,
  • Ignition on/off detection,
  • Support power and sail vessels.